Pinot Noir – 18.07.14

Pinot Noir can be a beguiling mistress for wine makers and consumers alike, she can get under your skin like no other wine. Some of the world’s greatest wines are made from this grape variety, however she can also be a petulant child and needs to be handled with skill and care to extract the […]

Black Estate – 25.04.14

Two years ago a small group of wine writers in New Zealand decided it was time to establish a semi-formal group of writers with the aim of encouraging excellence in wine writing and to agree some standards so those who read our scribblings can have confidence that what we say about wines is each individuals […]

The Screwcap Marches on – 28.02.14

Way back in 2001 almost everyone (me included) thought decent wine came in bottles with a cork in the neck; anything with a screwcap was either cheap plonk in 2.5 litre bottles or sweet sherry. It is pretty obvious that the screwcap closure is now the preferred closure for wine bottles and I don’t want […]