As a wine writer for several publications I taste many wines each week, some are sent as samples by wine companies, some are from our cellar, some we buy and others dinner guests bring along to share with us. I will publish tasting notes for most of them, if I taste a wine several times over the years I will include ‘re-tasted’ notes so you can see how a wine is aging if you happen to have it in your cellar.

You can easily search the wine reviews and you can add your thoughts to my reviews. Whether  you agree or disagree this is the place you can have your say and see what others think too.

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The Touring Guide section is where I will recommend great places to visit, wines to hunt out, restaurants to indulge yourself and things to do when you are on holiday, whether it is in my home region of Nelson, other places in New Zealand or overseas.

With the help of the great guys at Downing Creative this site will evolve over time so keep coming back to see what is new.

Recent Columns

Chocolate Velvet – Nelson Mail 25.07.17

As the name suggests Chocolate Velvet is a business that specialises in happiness, glorious cake happiness. Established in 2004 by Phil and Leanne Lash in a building at home they had converted into a commercial kitchen, it wasn’t long before their reputation for excellence spread and they needed new premises, so two years later they […]

Photo b y Daniel Allen

Aaron Ballantyne – Hopgood’s & Co Head Chef – Nelson Mail 11.07.17

Like many business owners Kevin Hopgood relies on his staff to excel at everything they do and the person leading the kitchen at Hopgood’s and Co is head chef Aaron Ballantyne. Ballantyne has worked at Hopgood’s for almost 11 years and is an important key to the restaurant maintaining a focus on consistently high-quality food, […]

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