Date tasted

May 21, 2016





Mt Difficulty Lowburn Valley Growers Series Chardonnay




Bright mid gold


Rich cooked peach stone fruit with touches of sulphur.

Taste & Other Notes

Sulphur based aromas can have several sources, mainly developed during the winemaking process. Sulphur in various forms can add complexity to a wine but can very quickly become offensive and considered a fault. In this case the sulphur components do add complexity but border on dominating the natural fruit flavours.

The wine has beautifully managed acidity, a lovely creamy texture and firm cooked stone fruit (yellow peach) flavours, the sulphur notes add complexity to the palate while a touch of oak spice lingers in the long finish. The wine has aged nicely and is drinking very well right now.

The wine has been in our personal cellar since release and recommended retail is at time of purchase..

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