Date tasted

December 11, 2016



Tohu Mugwi Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 2015




Pale straw


Pungent sulfides when first poured are the first hint at the complexity of this wine.

Taste & Other Notes

For me the sulphides in this wine totally dominate the initial flavours in the mouth which is a shame because the finish is long, juicy and packed with zesty lime citrus characters. The mouthfeel is rich and rounded. While some will love the sulphide characters I must admit I am not one of them, I do like the textural components this style brings to the wine but for me if the sulphides dominate I don’t enjoy the wine.

This is a style that has had some popularity in recent years but I fear it is mainly among winemakers trying to find a point of difference along with wine show judges and wine writers who are looking for something a little different to write about.

I think a wine must first and foremost be an enjoyable glass of wine, not something others tell me I should like because it is fashionable.

The wine was made using a wild yeast ferment in old oak barrels.

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