The Screwcap Marches on – 28.02.14

Way back in 2001 almost everyone (me included) thought decent wine came in bottles with a cork in the neck; anything with a screwcap was either cheap plonk in 2.5 litre bottles or sweet sherry. It is pretty obvious that the screwcap closure is now the preferred closure for wine bottles and I don’t want […]

Anna Seifried – 7.06.13

In the last few columns I have been telling you about the 2013 vintage along with other events and people in the wine industry I find interesting. It may have only been six weeks since the frantic 2013 grape harvest finished but the first sauvignon blanc sample of the year was delivered to me this […]

Nelson Region Rainfall

While the heavy rains and flooding in Nelson that destroyed homes and land just before Christmas last year was headline news the impact on the wine grape growing sector has yet to be fully determined. Rainfall statistics show some of the heaviest rain in parts of the region since records began with Nelson Airport recording […]