As a wine writer for several publications I taste many wines each week, some are sent as samples by wine companies, some are from our cellar, some we buy and others dinner guests bring along to share with us. I will publish tasting notes for most of them, if I taste a wine several times over the years I will include ‘re-tasted’ notes so you can see how a wine is aging if you happen to have it in your cellar.

You can easily search the wine reviews and you can add your thoughts to my reviews. Whether  you agree or disagree this is the place you can have your say and see what others think too.

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The Regions section is where I will recommend great places to visit, wines to hunt out, restaurants to indulge yourself and things to do when you are on holiday, whether it is in my home region of Nelson, other places in New Zealand or overseas.

One website I love is The Doubtful Traveller, the owner of the site has visited many countries and cities around the world so her insights are really helpful if you want to do something a little different.

Recent Columns

Viva la Vaca Parrilla – Nelson Mial 10.10.18

This region is lucky enough to have some wonderful food producers, and a part of the food scene that adds colour and vibrancy to the city and events around the region are the food carts, one of my favourites, Viva la Vaca Parrilla, specialises in beautiful Argentinian style slow cooked meats. I’m an unapologetic carnivore, […]

Lone Star – Nelson Mail 26.09.18

The hospitality industry isn’t an easy one to be in but the good operators who manage their finances and menus well enjoy the ride through the ever-changing hospitality business environment, but it is unusual for a restaurant or restaurant chain to survive pretty much unchanged, on the outside anyway, for 30 years. One restaurant chain […]

Society Coffee Roasters- Nelson Mail 19.09.18

Society Coffee Roasters is the latest entrant into Nelson’s boutique coffee production sector, and the owner brings a wealth of experience with him. Guy McCracken used to own Café on Oxford, a nice, bright café in Richmond where they serve great food and where Guy used his barista skills to craft some of the best […]

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