As a wine writer for several publications I taste many wines each week, some are sent as samples by wine companies, some are from our cellar, some we buy and others dinner guests bring along to share with us. I will publish tasting notes for most of them, if I taste a wine several times over the years I will include ‘re-tasted’ notes so you can see how a wine is aging if you happen to have it in your cellar.

You can easily search the wine reviews and you can add your thoughts to my reviews. Whether  you agree or disagree this is the place you can have your say and see what others think too.

If you want to find out what I think about everything wine, food and beer related you can register for my regular newsletter; because wine and food simply go together you can also read restaurant reviews and if I can convince my dearly beloved who loves cooking to contribute too I will include some of our favourite recipes.

The Regions section is where I will recommend great places to visit, wines to hunt out, restaurants to indulge yourself and things to do when you are on holiday, whether it is in my home region of Nelson, other places in New Zealand or overseas.

One website I love is The Doubtful Traveller, the owner of the site has visited many countries and cities around the world so her insights are really helpful if you want to do something a little different.

Recent Columns

Marlborough Wine Industry – Nelson Mail 13.06.18

I have acknowledged regularly that Marlborough wineries are the backbone of New Zealand’s wine industry, they provide the coat tails that other New Zealand regions travel on when entering international marketplaces and there is no doubt Sauvignon Blanc is the wine variety that has made New Zealand world famous. Last week I joined fellow Wine […]

Rosie Finn – Nelson Mail 30.05.18

Owning a small business comes with many challenges, I love seeing a business succeed and then have the challenge of what to do when it comes time for the owners to retire or move on to something different. Planning for the future can include bringing the next generation of the family into the business, when […]

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