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Knife sharpening - Nelson Mail 07.11.18

The rise of the TV cooking shows over the last decade or so has…

Downing Creative - Nelson Mail 08.08.18

Ask any producer and they will tell you making a product is the…

Marlborough Wine Industry - Nelson Mail 13.06.18

I have acknowledged regularly that Marlborough wineries are the…

Bidfood - Nelson Mail 07.03.18

If you stop and think about the machine behind every item of…

Andreas Welte - Nelson Mail 21.02.18

  “Ask yourself what is correct ethically and aesthetically,…

Gold medal stickers on bottles & New World Wine Awards - 04.10.17

I am often asked whether or not a gold medal sticker on a bottle…

Bacco Restaurant & Wine Bar - Nelson Mail 30.08.17

In case you haven’t noticed Café Affaire at the top of Trafalgar…
Photo b y Daniel Allen

Aaron Ballantyne – Hopgood’s & Co Head Chef - Nelson Mail 11.07.17

Like many business owners Kevin Hopgood relies on his staff to…

Beth Phipps – Yaza - Nelson Mail 06.06.17

Yaza is a quirky little café in a corner of the Montgomery car…