Alpha Domus ‘The Aviator’ 2002




Deep black-red or rouge noir


The age of the wine hasn't reduced the intensity of the aromas and ss you would expect from a wine made from four Bordeaux varieties this has layered aromas with lashings of plum, leather, spice and dusty oak.

Taste & Other Notes

This wine is from our cellar, purchased when released and cellared at between 13 to 15 degrees without being moved from its original spot in the cellar.

While the 2002 vintage in Hawke’s Bay was wetter than average in January and February a very hot, dry March and April meant the fruit was harvested in pristine condition. In the glass 13 years later the wine has intense black berry fruit characters with cigar-box smokey notes. Layers of spice and fruit evolve as the wine opens up. Drinking superbly now and the remaining medium tannins will let it age for another few years buy if you have some in your cellar I would be drinking it from now until about 2017.   The wine has thrown lots of sediment so I would recommend decanting the wine using  a filter.

Winery release notes tell us the blend: Cabernet Sauvignon (38%), Merlot (24%), Cabernet Franc (20%), Malbec (18%)

And if you want some technical info about the wine then Alpha Domus very kindly have lots of information about all of their wines on their web site, Here is a link to the notes for this wine.

Date tasted








5.5 g/L




22 to 24.1
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